Amy’s articles have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines, including

In 2009, Amy founded Indispensable Freelancers (IF), a networking group for people in

Amy’s primary focus at this time is writing her own books and editing books for other

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Amy Farrar

Amy Farrar is a published book author and a seasoned freelance writer and editor with extensive experience. Prior to going into business for herself in 1999, Amy held numerous positions in the publishing industry, including managing editor of a weekly newspaper, staff writer for two international medical trade publications, proposal writer for a pharmaceutical benefits management firm, and communications specialist for a nonprofit organization that helps children with disabilities.

 About Amy Farrar

the Los Angeles Times, Minnesota Bride and Wisconsin Bride magazines, and The Philanthropy News Network. Amy’s long-term freelance positions include consulting editor of International Wolf magazine, freelance editor for the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition, and associate editor of Lake Minnetonka magazine.

authors, however she continues to do a variety of other writing and editorial work.

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