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Maria Vrentzou, Founder and CEO/Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Vision Consulting (www.marketing-vision-consulting.com):

“I worked with Amy when she was a proposal writer at Express Scripts. Amy is an excellent writer and editor. Almost every department in the company came to her for their writing and editing needs. Amy did a great job interviewing company employees in response to questions she received in numerous Requests for Proposals. She generated a huge volume of informative proposals for the company in very short time periods. She also edited speeches and marketing materials for the company.

Amy  has used her exceptional journalistic skills to write books that reach a wide range of readers. As an editor, Amy has taken many manuscripts to their fullest potential. She has edited both fiction and nonfiction books in a wide range of subjects. I would not hesitate to hire her for my writing and editing needs."

Review of Amy's book ADHD (see www.Amazon.com for full review):
"...This was an exceptionally well-done overview and glimpse into the lives of young people who have ADHD. Although this is not a lengthy book, I found that it was packed with important information that not only the young adult can learn about, but also the parents and caregivers of those afflicted with any form of ADHD. The most interesting part of the book is the glimpses we get into the lives of young people and families who actually are dealing with the disorder.

We not only see the difficulties they encounter, but also their successes.

This book is amazingly thorough, but shies away from being overly technical and boring. There are numerous informative sidebars, including actual reproductions of USA Today news clips that give us an historical overview of many aspects of the disorder. In the back of the book is a thorough index, a glossary, a listing of numerous resources, and additional recommended book and website resources to explore.”

—Deb Fowler, reviewer, Feathered Quill Book Reviews, http://www.featheredquill.com

Michael Meiers, author of The Second Holocaust - How the AIDS Epidemic Was Created in a CIA Black Operation:

“If you are writing a book, or anything for that matter, your work will be greatly enhanced by first running it by the editorial skills of Amy Farrar. I found working with her was very easy and her suggestions very beneficial. Her totally objective viewpoint was closer to my readers than I was. I highly recommend her.”

James Michael Larranaga, author of In the Company of Wolves: Thinning the Herd (Volume 1), and Blood Orange Soda: “Amy offers a great blend of story editing and line editing!”

Jay Hill, author of 2012: A Guide to Spiritual Awareness:

Prior to Amy editing a book I was writing I did not know her. She was great—throughout the entire process she made sure that our communications were understandable, and that she was conveying the message I wanted to get across. She worked hard to understand my point of view and learn about the subject matter and also about who I was as a person and author. I was not only impressed with her skills and knowledge of the English language but with her personality as a caring, kind, environmentally aware and straightforward person. We still communicate and I would recommend Amy for any writing work or really any project you are working on. I know that Amy will bring success to whatever project she is involved with. I will gladly ask for her assistance in all my upcoming projects. Thank you Amy!


"Thank you for your time and for being so unbelievably helpful in my journey to being

a published author."  Elizabeth Bauer, author of The Gifted Series.